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Tuesday, 26 May 2020      
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Vettel Grabs Pole At Last Moment From Resurgent McLarens

Saturday, 30 July 2011

McLaren dominated today's qualifying for the Hungarian Grand Prix, but on the last lap Vettel put in an astounding lap to steal pole from Hamilton.

Button qualified third after topping the second session. Followed by both Ferraris with Massa ahead of Alonso for a change.

Webber was a disappointed 6th, and expressed awe at Vettel's pace. He said he will "have to do some analysis", and I think some set-up changes may be made to try to capture what Vettel is getting out of the car. In any case Webber's session was somewhat curtailed by KERS issues although it was working for his final lap.

KERS is the Kinetic Energy Recovery System, which recovers the energy shed under braking and stores it electrically to make it available to the driver to provide an extra 80 horse power for up to 6.7 seconds a lap. This is typically worth about up to about 0.4 seconds a lap.

Further down the field, another brit, Di Resta, was unlucky not to make it through the second session, being knocked out by a fast lap from Schumacher at the end of that session, finally placing his car next to his team mate's in the bottom half of the top ten.

It's looking good for a race between Vettel and Hamilton with Button and the Ferraris waiting to take up the fight if either of them suffers misfortune. It's likely Alonso will fight his way into contention given half a chance. As ever, this year, it'll all be down to tyres.

You can see the race live on BBC1 and BBC1HD, 1pm on Sunday.


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