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Not the News of the World
Tuesday, 26 May 2020      

Press Room

The press room is where our journalists hangout.

If you want to join them and start writing for "Not the News of the World", or are a returning contributor just  sign in with Twitter  now.

Why write for us?

We are an open news organisation based in the UK. We provide a platform for anyone who can to provide content to entertain and inform.

Writing for us will get your articles seen by the public, and possibly lead to further work. It is an ideal platform for journalists who are not affiliated with another publication, bloggers who want to extend their reach, and up and coming journalists who want to get published and raise their profile. You can work for other publications or run your own blog (and drive traffic to it). Writing for us requires no commitment and indeed we assume that you will use your profile and credits on the site to raise your profile and sell yourself, in anyway you can. It's part of the deal.

We will provide a profile page which will list all your writing credits well presented in an impressive portfolio which can only help sell your skills.

Do I get paid?

We intend to provide an advertising platform, where the revenue is shared between the author (you), the operator (us), any image owner you have agreed to share revenue with, and any third party who sells the advertising space.

Currently this is under development but as soon as it is complete you will get paid your share of any advertising revenue on articles that you have written.

In the meantime, we may introduce generic advertising where the total revenue is shared by the operator and contributors based on the story hits or social success of a story. We will be running advertising for on some section pages, for some time, for which no revenue will be generated. This is part of the deal to set-up this web site, but we don't expect this to impair contributor revenues.

Will this pay your rent? Probably not at this early stage. I wouldn't give up your day job yet. However, if your stories attract a lot of readers you may make a lot of money. It is conceivable that once you and the web site are established, a popular story could generate more revenue than you might otherwise expect to earn if you were working for an employer rather than generating revenue for yourself.

One thing I can confirm is that if the web site generates £millions, you will get an equitable share of the revenue from your story pages. So if no image or advertsing revenue is committed, you will receive half of the total revenue generated by your pages.

You can increase the amount you get paid, by tweeting your new stories to your twitter followers and generally promoting the site, but most of all by writing good easy to read stories popular with the public.